Muskoka is a beautiful place where one can relax and forget about all the troubles of life. Located just 2 hours from Toronto, Muskoka boasts nature at its best. You can go boating, ride a trail on a horse, canoe, golf, zip line  through majestic forests, fish, swin in crystal clear lakes, spend a day at a spa or relax dockside. In the winter you can sled, snowmobile, and even ski down a hill of fresh powder. As well, you can treat your taste buds to a feast of delicious food and local beer and wine. The places to see and things to do are endless. This is what makes Muskoka a both a local hangout and tourist attraction.


1/18/2017 03:19:17 pm

that place sounds awesome

11/28/2017 05:01:20 pm

your stupid


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