The Great Lakes – St Lawrence Lowlands is the perfect place to live. It has a rolling landscape, which is the result of glaciation. There is a domination of shallow lakes and deep glaciated river canyons punctuating the rolling landscape of plains and hills. The region is defined by the St Lawrence river and seaway. To the north of the river lies the Canadian Shield, which formed in the Archean period of geologic time, some 2.5 billion years ago. The Great Lakes St. Lawrence Lowlands region also extends to the south of the river to the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. This region is also characterized by fertile soils, which support a thriving farm industry as diverse as the Maple syrup industry of Montreal to the dairy farms, vegetable and produce industry of southern Ontario.

The continental climate of the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Lowlands forces people to adapt to cold winters and warm summers. You cannot live in this region without a good warm coat and snow boots. Due to the humid heat in the summer (part of which is caused by proximity to Great Lakes), people have to adapt by using fans and air conditioning units to cool themselves down. 

This region is also attractive to people due to its low crime.

One can go from a central City life to a multicultural hub to a relaxing cottage house all in a day. The choice is up to you on where you want to go. Just remember whatever you choose, its only an hour away.

Life in the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Lowlands truly offers the best of both worlds. Hills and lakes, and both extreme winters and summers. You really get a little bit of everything!